Blossoms in the orchard

The weather is warming up and spring is in the air.  The fruit trees are blossoming and the bees are humming.  It’s so beautiful.

Last week I sprayed the fruit trees with a copper based spray to prevent leaf curl.  Hopefully it works.  I hate leaf curl.  It looks really wrong so I hope the spray hurts.  I haven’t done it before so we will see what happens.



We have used espalier method with the apple trees and some of the stone trees.  In hind sight they should have been further apart but we were told because they were dwarf trees they would be fine.  What wasn’t accounted for was the fact the orchard is where the cows used to stand and poo after being milked and over the years there is lots of fertility.  The trees have exploded out of the ground and their growth far exceeded our expectations.  This will be the first year we will get fruit so it’s a bit exciting.  I did get nectarines start forming last year but the birds got them before we had a chance.  We don’t have long now to get the net over the top or it will be the same story this year.

I’m not sure whether to limit how much fruit they produce or just let them go.  I have heard that it’s best to only allow a few fruits the first few years and you will get bigger fruit?  Will have to look into it a bit more.  Next project will be looking into preserving the fruit and maybe making jam.  Haven’t done much of this before so it’s a bit daunting.  One step at a time…….



Yay a parcell!!!!

The long awaited parcel from Amazon has finally arrived!!!  Have been waiting for weeks for this to come.  So excited!!

I ordered some uke books for our group with the payment we received for playing at a wedding.  I can’t wait to give them out to the participating members and have a try at some of the songs.  Should make for a good time.

I also purchased a couple of duet books – piano and uke and guitar and uke.  I’m really looking forward to trying these. 


Have a few performances lined up in the next month so better keep busy.  We are playing at a Guides campfire which should be fun.  Nothing like sitting round a campfire roasting marshmellows and singing – the uke will be a bonus!  Also on the list is an afternoon at the local pre-school.  Good times!

And new music thrown in as well.  Couldn’t be better 🙂

Saturday SSS

Week 2 ended with a bushwalk at Dorrigo National Park.  I decided that I would test my knee out and see if it could handle a good walk.  This is the first bush walk I have done in 3 years and the first walk since I tore the cartilage in my knee week 2 round 2.  The only exercise I have done is swimming or aqua-robics.

I had a 2hr time slot and thought I would attempt the circuit – down to Tristiana Falls and round to Crystal Showers and back up to the Rainforest Centre.  When I got to the sign at the start of the track it said the time for the walk is 2hrs 30min. 


I made a decision at that point that I had to complete it in 2hrs as I didn’t have time to take 2.5hrs.  I set off at a determined pace.  The downhill sections were the worst.  They were a bit hard on the knee but not too painful.

It was so peaceful.  I love the bush.  I love to hear the whip birds and all the other wild life.  I was dodging vines and trying not to trip over exposed roots and rocks.  I considered it safe to hike as it has been really dry – I don’t walk in the national park when it’s been wet as I hate leeches!!  Thankfully there weren’t any around and I walked out unscathed.







It didn’t matter how many photos I took of the steep climbs they looked flat!!!  As soon as the ground starts to rise my heart rate quickens – A LOT!!  I was sweating and puffing and I could feel the flush on my cheeks.  Even though the air was cool I was hot.

It’s a great walk.  I stopped for the occasional photo and swigs of water.  Other than that I kept up my pace trying to complete it in 2 hours.  I drank in the serenity while I left a trail of lard behind me.  I could feel the kilos slipping away – well I was hoping anyway that I was burning something!

The last 15 minutes was the longest part of the whole walk.  I never thought it would end.  It just seemed to keep going.  I was back at my car in 1hr20min!!!!!  WIN!!!

Very happy I was.  I burnt 667 calories – not 1000 – but was still happy.  This Saturday I aim to swim 2.8km and then go out and do this circuit again but in reverse.  From memory the way I did it this time is the hardest.  The climb from Crystal Showers back up is the steepest.  The climb from Tristiana Falls is longer but not as steep.  I will know for sure this Saturday!

Great way to exercise and relax at the same time.  It’s a beautiful place and well worth a visit.  Looking forward to Saturday 🙂

Week 3 – mmmmmmm

Well in the last 3 weeks I have had 2 trips to Sydney and a trip to Brisbane.  So chaotic and yet in some ways very eye-opening.  I have learnt a lot about myself during this time.  I don’t do travel very well.  In saying that, I have always loved to travel – but use it as an excuse to eat all my favourites like chips and chocolate and zinger burgers…….

I didn’t realise how I do this without even thinking.  I can have the best intentions in the world and still end up eating that stuff.  It’s like I’m on autopilot and just carry out the action.  No thought. – until later and then kick myself.

I have another quick trip to Sydney next week and I am determined that I am going to be organised ahead of time and prepare my food in advance and NOT buy any food!!!  We will see how I go.  I have control.  I do.  I just have to exercise it.

The scales have told the story.  So this week I am up 200 grams (a miracle really it wasn’t more).  This means that since round 3 started I am down 500 grams!!!  Very disappointing.  I do so well the days I am home and sabotage it when I am on the road.  FRUSTRATED!!!!

I wanted to lose 5kg by the end of the is school term – we are now in week 7 – which means I now have 3 weeks.  I am then on holidays on the gold coast for a few days.  Feel like I’m throwing it away.  I am still going to aim for that.  It’s a long shot but if I keep aiming, who knows I might hit the target!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Onwards and Upwards 🙂

Week 2 up and running!

Mmmmm I love food!  I didn’t think I would be doing much swapping with food this week but I have a little bit.  I did the chicken patties Monday night which were yummy – having them again very soon.  Tuesday night we had cauliflower soup as I had a lot of cauliflower that needed eating.  Tonight I made the Korean Beef Hot Pot.  Nearly wasn’t going to do this meal.  I am so glad I did.  It was amazing!!!  A definite favourite.

I had left over sausages from the hot dog night so I’ve been having them for lunch every day.  Yummo!!!  Made some slaw using the red cabbage, capsicum and shallots and I just squeezed lime juice over it.  So nice!

Breakfasts I’ve had egg and toast, the breakfast crumble (my fave breaky) and I’m looking forward to the banana bruschetta in the morning.

Exercise on Monday was really good – managed a 2.4km swim and burnt 675cal.  Worked really hard considering a sinus infection.  Not a fun swim.  My head hated it but the rest of my body loved it.  I definitely could feel my little muscles!

I haven’t been able to do much since then. I have just felt exhausted and needed rest.  Am on antibiotics so hopefully it will settle down soon.  Aiming for a swim in the morning so that will be interesting.

I have to concentrate on water intake.  It’s been a bit spasmodic – reasonable but not quite enough.  I seem to get quite forgetful in the middle of the day so will have to make a conscious effort to drink drink drink!

This is such a great program.  I am the lightest I have been for 4 years.  It can only go down from here – am aiming for 5kgs by the 23rd September.  Hopefully that is realistic.

All the best for everyone’s journey.  I hope you are all loving the food and nailing the exercise and on the way to reaching your goals.  What a ride we are having!


I can’t believe I am so excited to be ‘overweight’!!!!  I have been ‘obese’ for about the last 4 years and I’ve hated it.  I hurt my back and got out of routine and hello obesity.

I am now happy to say that after round 2 wbt and the first week of round 3 I am no longer in the obese range.  The last few kilos was so frustrating!!!!

I lost 700g according to my weigh in this morning.  After the weekend I was very happy with that.  Now to work towards my healthy weight range.  Haven’t been there since 1990!!!


Ukin’ up a storm!

Well, ukulele group was on Sunday afternoon and what a beautiful afternoon it was!  Only a few people were to make it but we had a really good jam session.  There is nothing like getting together with fellow ukers and having a strum.

We have a busy 6 weeks ahead of us with a number of performances including the pre-school, a community variety concert, a 60th birthday and the Dorrigo Bluegrass Festival.  Should all be good fun.

So we are working on some bluegrass music as well as some kiddy songs and just some old favourites.  I’m keen to try Bruno Mars ‘Count on Me’.  I know probably everyone who plays uke has done this song but I haven’t yet.  It’s definitely on my list so hopefully soon!!

Creedence Clearwater’s songs are definitely among my faves on uke.  They are so much fun.  Supercalifragilistic is keeping us occupied at the moment.  A few tricky chords that are playing with our head.

So much I want to do and so not enough hours!!!  Keep strumming 🙂