Ukin’ up a storm!

Well, ukulele group was on Sunday afternoon and what a beautiful afternoon it was!  Only a few people were to make it but we had a really good jam session.  There is nothing like getting together with fellow ukers and having a strum.

We have a busy 6 weeks ahead of us with a number of performances including the pre-school, a community variety concert, a 60th birthday and the Dorrigo Bluegrass Festival.  Should all be good fun.

So we are working on some bluegrass music as well as some kiddy songs and just some old favourites.  I’m keen to try Bruno Mars ‘Count on Me’.  I know probably everyone who plays uke has done this song but I haven’t yet.  It’s definitely on my list so hopefully soon!!

Creedence Clearwater’s songs are definitely among my faves on uke.  They are so much fun.  Supercalifragilistic is keeping us occupied at the moment.  A few tricky chords that are playing with our head.

So much I want to do and so not enough hours!!!  Keep strumming 🙂


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