Week 2 up and running!

Mmmmm I love food!  I didn’t think I would be doing much swapping with food this week but I have a little bit.  I did the chicken patties Monday night which were yummy – having them again very soon.  Tuesday night we had cauliflower soup as I had a lot of cauliflower that needed eating.  Tonight I made the Korean Beef Hot Pot.  Nearly wasn’t going to do this meal.  I am so glad I did.  It was amazing!!!  A definite favourite.

I had left over sausages from the hot dog night so I’ve been having them for lunch every day.  Yummo!!!  Made some slaw using the red cabbage, capsicum and shallots and I just squeezed lime juice over it.  So nice!

Breakfasts I’ve had egg and toast, the breakfast crumble (my fave breaky) and I’m looking forward to the banana bruschetta in the morning.

Exercise on Monday was really good – managed a 2.4km swim and burnt 675cal.  Worked really hard considering a sinus infection.  Not a fun swim.  My head hated it but the rest of my body loved it.  I definitely could feel my little muscles!

I haven’t been able to do much since then. I have just felt exhausted and needed rest.  Am on antibiotics so hopefully it will settle down soon.  Aiming for a swim in the morning so that will be interesting.

I have to concentrate on water intake.  It’s been a bit spasmodic – reasonable but not quite enough.  I seem to get quite forgetful in the middle of the day so will have to make a conscious effort to drink drink drink!

This is such a great program.  I am the lightest I have been for 4 years.  It can only go down from here – am aiming for 5kgs by the 23rd September.  Hopefully that is realistic.

All the best for everyone’s journey.  I hope you are all loving the food and nailing the exercise and on the way to reaching your goals.  What a ride we are having!


One thought on “Week 2 up and running!

  1. I’m glad you’re loving the food so much! The meals are generally pretty mind-blowing 🙂

    I’m sorry to here that you haven’t been feeling so well, but it’s good that you are resting. sometimes it is best to listen to your body. I hope you have a good swim tomorrow! 🙂

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