Saturday SSS

Week 2 ended with a bushwalk at Dorrigo National Park.  I decided that I would test my knee out and see if it could handle a good walk.  This is the first bush walk I have done in 3 years and the first walk since I tore the cartilage in my knee week 2 round 2.  The only exercise I have done is swimming or aqua-robics.

I had a 2hr time slot and thought I would attempt the circuit – down to Tristiana Falls and round to Crystal Showers and back up to the Rainforest Centre.  When I got to the sign at the start of the track it said the time for the walk is 2hrs 30min. 


I made a decision at that point that I had to complete it in 2hrs as I didn’t have time to take 2.5hrs.  I set off at a determined pace.  The downhill sections were the worst.  They were a bit hard on the knee but not too painful.

It was so peaceful.  I love the bush.  I love to hear the whip birds and all the other wild life.  I was dodging vines and trying not to trip over exposed roots and rocks.  I considered it safe to hike as it has been really dry – I don’t walk in the national park when it’s been wet as I hate leeches!!  Thankfully there weren’t any around and I walked out unscathed.







It didn’t matter how many photos I took of the steep climbs they looked flat!!!  As soon as the ground starts to rise my heart rate quickens – A LOT!!  I was sweating and puffing and I could feel the flush on my cheeks.  Even though the air was cool I was hot.

It’s a great walk.  I stopped for the occasional photo and swigs of water.  Other than that I kept up my pace trying to complete it in 2 hours.  I drank in the serenity while I left a trail of lard behind me.  I could feel the kilos slipping away – well I was hoping anyway that I was burning something!

The last 15 minutes was the longest part of the whole walk.  I never thought it would end.  It just seemed to keep going.  I was back at my car in 1hr20min!!!!!  WIN!!!

Very happy I was.  I burnt 667 calories – not 1000 – but was still happy.  This Saturday I aim to swim 2.8km and then go out and do this circuit again but in reverse.  From memory the way I did it this time is the hardest.  The climb from Crystal Showers back up is the steepest.  The climb from Tristiana Falls is longer but not as steep.  I will know for sure this Saturday!

Great way to exercise and relax at the same time.  It’s a beautiful place and well worth a visit.  Looking forward to Saturday 🙂


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