Blossoms in the orchard

The weather is warming up and spring is in the air.  The fruit trees are blossoming and the bees are humming.  It’s so beautiful.

Last week I sprayed the fruit trees with a copper based spray to prevent leaf curl.  Hopefully it works.  I hate leaf curl.  It looks really wrong so I hope the spray hurts.  I haven’t done it before so we will see what happens.



We have used espalier method with the apple trees and some of the stone trees.  In hind sight they should have been further apart but we were told because they were dwarf trees they would be fine.  What wasn’t accounted for was the fact the orchard is where the cows used to stand and poo after being milked and over the years there is lots of fertility.  The trees have exploded out of the ground and their growth far exceeded our expectations.  This will be the first year we will get fruit so it’s a bit exciting.  I did get nectarines start forming last year but the birds got them before we had a chance.  We don’t have long now to get the net over the top or it will be the same story this year.

I’m not sure whether to limit how much fruit they produce or just let them go.  I have heard that it’s best to only allow a few fruits the first few years and you will get bigger fruit?  Will have to look into it a bit more.  Next project will be looking into preserving the fruit and maybe making jam.  Haven’t done much of this before so it’s a bit daunting.  One step at a time…….



2 thoughts on “Blossoms in the orchard

  1. The stone fruit/apples and pears are also putting on a show in southern Queensland. Netting is definitely a must, even though the birds still somehow work a way in-you’ll get some protection from possums too. Great photos.

    • Thanks. Yes it has been really frustrating not having netting but we ran out of necessary funding – had to put electric fencing around sheep paddocks as we had a dog attack. Priorities changed. Looking forward to having it netted this season!

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