Saturday SSS

Week 2 ended with a bushwalk at Dorrigo National Park.  I decided that I would test my knee out and see if it could handle a good walk.  This is the first bush walk I have done in 3 years and the first walk since I tore the cartilage in my knee week 2 round 2.  The only exercise I have done is swimming or aqua-robics.

I had a 2hr time slot and thought I would attempt the circuit – down to Tristiana Falls and round to Crystal Showers and back up to the Rainforest Centre.  When I got to the sign at the start of the track it said the time for the walk is 2hrs 30min. 


I made a decision at that point that I had to complete it in 2hrs as I didn’t have time to take 2.5hrs.  I set off at a determined pace.  The downhill sections were the worst.  They were a bit hard on the knee but not too painful.

It was so peaceful.  I love the bush.  I love to hear the whip birds and all the other wild life.  I was dodging vines and trying not to trip over exposed roots and rocks.  I considered it safe to hike as it has been really dry – I don’t walk in the national park when it’s been wet as I hate leeches!!  Thankfully there weren’t any around and I walked out unscathed.







It didn’t matter how many photos I took of the steep climbs they looked flat!!!  As soon as the ground starts to rise my heart rate quickens – A LOT!!  I was sweating and puffing and I could feel the flush on my cheeks.  Even though the air was cool I was hot.

It’s a great walk.  I stopped for the occasional photo and swigs of water.  Other than that I kept up my pace trying to complete it in 2 hours.  I drank in the serenity while I left a trail of lard behind me.  I could feel the kilos slipping away – well I was hoping anyway that I was burning something!

The last 15 minutes was the longest part of the whole walk.  I never thought it would end.  It just seemed to keep going.  I was back at my car in 1hr20min!!!!!  WIN!!!

Very happy I was.  I burnt 667 calories – not 1000 – but was still happy.  This Saturday I aim to swim 2.8km and then go out and do this circuit again but in reverse.  From memory the way I did it this time is the hardest.  The climb from Crystal Showers back up is the steepest.  The climb from Tristiana Falls is longer but not as steep.  I will know for sure this Saturday!

Great way to exercise and relax at the same time.  It’s a beautiful place and well worth a visit.  Looking forward to Saturday 🙂


Wow!! Did I do that?


Mt Warning – beautiful!

About five years ago I made the decision to lose weight and get fit.  My first goal was to climb Mt Warning.  I trained for 6 weeks – I don’t think it was long enough haha!  I thought I was going to die!  It was crazy.  I didn’t think I would make it.  So very hard!!!


This chain was my lifeline.  However, I didn’t think it was much help.  I was losing strength in my arms.  I just sat down halfway up the last steep bit and told my husband to go up on his own and take a photo of the sunrise to show me cause I couldn’t do it.  He sat down next to me and told me that he wasn’t going without me and it didn’t matter if we didn’t get to the top.  I felt guilty then so I got up and with his help and the chain we got to the top just as the sun rose seemingly out of the ocean!!!!! So beautiful!  I was so exhausted I could hardly talk or stand.  I didn’t think I would ever walk again.

The only thing worse than climbing up was the realisation that I had to climb back down.  I nearly vomited at the thought.  My husband, however, was so dam chirpy I wanted to push him off the side – figuratively not literally!!


Here I am finally on my feet just to prove I really did get to the top!  If only a helicopter came and picked you up and dropped you at the bottom……….but no we had to walk :/

You would think that the downhill part would be the easiest and maybe, for some people, it is but not for me.  My legs were killing, my knees were paining and my feet screamed with every step.  My husband was striding down without a care and not having any idea how much I was hurting.  I had my teeth clenched and stumbled down after him screaming in my head.

He would call back ‘500 metres to go.  Isn’t that amazing.  We’re nearly there’.  In my head I was saying ‘Shut up.  It may as well be 500 miles you freak.  I can’t walk any further’.

Then ‘Did you see that?  300 metres to the carpark.  Not long to go now.’  Me ‘Why don’t you just keep all this freaking info to yourself.  As if I care…….’

He didn’t even slow down.  He had no idea how far behind him I was.  His only thought was to get to that carpark.  My only thought was I wanted to hurt him and transport myself to a bed.

This conversation repeated all the way to the carpark.  I didn’t answer him out loud once and he didn’t even notice.  He just strode on and I, teeth clenched and stumbling, followed.

Did I mention how we got here?  Not in a car that you could open the door and fall in.  Oh no!  We came on a BMW motorbike!!!  Big bike.  I stood and just looked at it inwardly groaning.  I had no idea how I was going to lift my leg over.  I waited until the area cleared of people.  I certainly didn’t need an audience watch me make a fool of myself.  Took a few goes to get on but I finally did.

Unfortunately we had to make a quick trip home – probably about 4 hours – so I was pretty much stuck in that position.  Must have looked hilarious but was actually very painful.  I couldn’t walk properly for days.

I drive past now and when I look out the car window I cannot believe I climbed it.  Not once but twice.  I went back a year or so later and smashed it.  Hiked up like a trooper.  So much easier and way less painful.  Can’t beat a bit of training!!!!