Look what my beautiful daughter gave me today!!  An early birthday present as my birthday is in spring and too warm for onesies.  Yay!!!



What a cool cow haha.  My Mum used to always call me a heifer now I think I’m an old dry cow!!!!

Love love love it!!!!


I remember………

Daily Challenge

I remember living at Sawtell (some of my happiest childhood memories were here) between the ages of 4 and 9 and Nanna would take us up to Boambee Bay for a swim in the afternoons.  My sister and brother and I would play in the sand and bury each other or build tunnels.  We’d swim across to the piers under the railway bridge and cut ourselves on the oysters trying to get up. We would wave to the train driver as the train crossed over the bridge and they would toot their whistle.  We loved it.

While we played and swam Nanna would watch us and swim with us.  She would always swim sidestroke.  She wore a swimming cap all the time.  She used coconut oil sunscreen.  I can still picture her like this and whenever I smell coconut oil it takes me back to these afternoons.  It’s one of my most vivid memories of her.  She was one of my favourite people and sadly she passed away when I was 13 from cancer.  She was only small – under 5 foot.

Thanks for the opportunity to think about a happy moment 🙂

Movie Treat

Oh what fun was had at the movies today.  It began as soon as we stepped through the door and the smell of popcorn wafted by.  My taste buds tingled immediately.  We were a bit early so we got a hot chocolate and cappaccino and sat in the lounge to wait.  It was very relaxing.

When it was time we got our popcorn (small) and salt and vinegar chips and went to cinema 4 to watch The Heat with Sandra Bullock.  It was hilarious.  Very wrong in parts, silly but unbelievably funny.  I laughed and laughed all the way through.  So very funny.  Would totally recommend it.  Great entertainment.

She is one of my favourite actresses.  So good.  I also really enjoyed Melissa McCarthy.  Love her in Mike and Molly and loved her in this movie.


Granite – love!


I love granite rocks – not only on a bench top but raw in the paddock or countryside.  They come in all sizes.  When driving to Armidale they are everywhere both large and small.  I often think if I retire I won’t go to the coast like most dairy farmers do from here but we will go west to a property with big granite boulders.  Have a few sheep and my goats.  Ahhhhh bliss!


Ahhhhh ba-na-na!

I was teaching swimming last week and had an amusing experience that reminded me of an incident that happened quite a few years ago.  Master 4 had finished his lesson and Dad dressed him and gave him his ‘after lesson snack’ which included a roll-up.  It became obvious that this was the first roll=up either of them had had.  I looked up to see master 4 put roll-up in mouth and suck and then pull funny face.   ‘Plastic’ he said.  I explained you had to take the plastic off first.  Dad laughed and helped him remove him it.

It reminded me of when I worked at the town pool.  A sudanese family had moved to the area.  It was just before Christmas and they were at the pool.  One of the youngest (a little girl) was in the toddler pool and someone gave her a candy cane.  She stuck it in her mouth and sucked it, pulled it out and looked at it and then sucked it again.  This was repeated a few times until another child took it off her and peeled off the plastic.  The little girl watched and her eyes widened and lit up as she said ‘Ahhhhh ba-na-na!’  It was so funny.  It was interesting to note that she didn’t equate the word banana with the fruit but with the act of peeling it.

I love working with children.  You never know what they are going to say or do.  Great entertainment and satisfaction.

I miss my friend!!

Chocolate and I have had a very close relationship for years!!!  A serious and intimate relationship.  Chocolate has been my friend, my comfort, my recreation, my relaxation – it filled all parts of my life.  I ate it when I was relaxing, when I was angry or sad, when I was celebrating or when I was happy.  There was always a block of Cadburys nearby.

I had stashes all through the house and nobody ever found them.  I could be eating chocolate in the lounge room watching tv with the family no one would know.  Some may find this sad but I found it powerful and very satisfying.  I could eat a block in a sitting – this horrifies me now but it was the norm back in the day.

One year I brought easter eggs for the family three times!!!!! Something would happen and I would start eating the eggs.  Once I started I couldn’t stop and before I knew it they would all be gone and back to the shops I would go.  My bestie (the only one who knew of my addiction) took the next lot I purchased and hid them at her house.

Gradually over the years I have cut back and can not longer eat more that a couple of rows at a time.  I couldn’t eat a whole block in one sitting.  I shifted from Cadbury to dark chocolate bullets.  These I consumed by the packet.

I now have some every few weeks but I think about it, dream about it.  I still crave it and continually have to talk myself out of buying any.  I am missing it so much.  I wish I could eat it without repercussions.  I’m sure I had chocolate running through my veins.

One day at a time.  I don’t want to say ‘I will never eat it again’ because I do.  What I would like to achieve is to eat it in moderation (not as if my life depended on it) and not all the time.  Once I start I just want to keep eating it!!!!

Since joining 12wbt for round 2 I have probably eaten chocolate 3 or 4 times – in 3 months!!!!  This is a very good result for me.  At the end of the day, though, I miss my friend.  I miss the taste of the chocolate on my tongue.  The feel of it between my fingers.

My relationship with chocolate needs to change.  I believe it is slowly changing but it is hard work.  It certainly won’t happen overnight!  It is a work in progress.

My first ever blog

Hi 🙂

My name is Vicki.  I live on a dairy farm near a small country town.  It’s a beautiful place – although I must say I feel the cold in winter a lot more than I used to!! 

I am 48 (turning 49) years old and tired of yo-yo-ing with weight and the rollercoaster of emotions that goes along with it!!!  I need a lifestyle change.  I need a massive operation on my mind so I stop sabotaging myself! 

I am finishing my first round of 12wbt (round 2 2013) and am about to start my second round (round 3 2013).

This is not just about exercise and nutrition and missing kilos (although hopefully there will be many).  It’s also about my hobby farm and the ups and downs of trying to self sustain and improve health in all areas.

Come join me as we change our part of the world for our better health 🙂